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Thoughts on a 40th Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday, Jan and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. A Biblical generation is considered to be about forty years, so I guess that makes us a generation in ourselves, and the cavalier manner with which our society now treats marriage makes this anniversary even more meaningful. It helps demonstrate to those just starting on their marriage trek that it is possible to manage the dangerous shoals that threaten to shipwreck any marriage. And shoals there have been. We’ve… Read more »

Calling Evil Good

President Obama’s declaration last week that he approves of gay marriage was no surprise to me. In fact, anyone who really believed he wasn’t in favor of it had to be living in a fantasy world. His worldview, which is mainstream radicalism, naturally leads him to it. His professed faith, which departs severely from Biblical roots, is no barrier to it. Already we had seen his administration, through the Department of Justice, refuse to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act,… Read more »

Santorum: Natural Law & Marriage

Let’s continue the analysis of Rick Santorum’s book It Takes a Family. One of the key points he emphasizes is the concept of natural law, which he calls “the operating instructions for human beings.” We will only be happy, he says, when we fall in line with the way things are supposed to be, as established by God. Liberals, though, think of “nature” as too confining. They don’t like to be bound by anything that they believe inhibits their freedom…. Read more »

The Executive Branch Revisited

It’s time once again to make the rounds of political cartoons, this time dealing with how President Obama carries out the duties of his office. For instance, remember that gargantuan budget proposal not too long ago? It was ripe for humor. Then there’s the Obama administration’s approach to enforcing the law. Two cartoonists picked up on this one: That last one could be used in our elementary schools to enlighten our children on the checks and balances built into the… Read more »

Coming Out of the Marriage Closet

President Obama has finally decided to be honest. Ever since he began running for president, he invented the fiction that he was not in favor of homosexual marriage. After all, saying you approve of marriage between two men or two women was not a vote-getter in states where he had to appear as a moderate. Now he has come out of the closet, so to speak. On Wednesday, the Obama administration announced that it would no longer defend the Defense… Read more »


Let’s let the cartoons do the talking today—on a variety of issues. First, on the California judge’s amazing ability to see homosexual marriage as something enshrined in the Constitution: While we’re on the subject, why stop there? Then there are the continuing bailout policies of the Obama administration. Are we finally beginning to understand how this works? Obama’s policies are actually endangering jobs. Sometimes, though, that’s progress: Switching to foreign policy, it’s nice to know our president is on the right… Read more »