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Ebola & Public Confidence

The Ebola scare seems to be subsiding at the moment. We need to keep in mind, though, that there is an incubation period for the virus. Our health officials seem to be of two minds, however, as to the length of that period. Is it 21 days or 42? Whom do we trust to tell us? The information from the CDC has been wildly contradictory on all fronts. That’s right. We wouldn’t want the public to lose confidence in the… Read more »

Ebola & the Demise of Logic

I’m trying to maintain a balanced outlook on the Ebola crisis. Is it a crisis? Have people jumped into panic mode too quickly? As I watch and listen to those in authority, the ones we’re supposed to trust because they are the experts in this field, I have to admit to something less than confidence in their statements. It appears that, in some instances, common sense has been set aside entirely. Consider the logic of what we’re hearing from the… Read more »

The Ebola Scare

I’ve been following the Ebola saga, as I’m sure most Americans are. We’re not used to the idea that a killer disease might find its way over here. We expect such things to happen in some other part of the world while we sit safe and protected. Now we have to reconsider our expectations. I’m no alarmist when it comes to the Ebola scare. I’m not yet convinced we’re going to be overwhelmed by it. Yet the government’s attempts to… Read more »

An Enemy’s Strategy

You want to know why I have no confidence that President Obama really takes the terrorist threat seriously? I have some political cartoons that express my concerns quite well. First, despite being daily briefed on ISIS for over a year, he didn’t pay much attention to them. This comes back, I believe, to his underlying worldview that is sympathetic to practically all forms of Islam, no matter how extreme. Now he wants us to believe he will arm Syrian rebels… Read more »