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Significant Days

Students at Southeastern University—not to mention faculty and staff—have had a unique opportunity these past two days. It’s always tremendous when a university can bring in one prominent individual to speak, but it’s not usual to have speakers who have so much to offer arrive on consecutive days. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, former attorney general John Ashcroft gave an outstanding message in chapel for our Constitution Day commemoration, as well as a witty and wise question-and-answer session with students… Read more »

Constitution and Citizenship Day

Yesterday was a banner day for Southeastern University, where I teach. It was Constitution and Citizenship Day, a day set aside to remind students of the value of our constitutional form of government. To commemorate the signing of the Constitution [which was 223 years ago this week], we had as our special speaker former attorney general of the United States John Ashcroft. Mr. Ashcroft first spoke in chapel, showing a rare mix of genuine humor and a clear grasp of… Read more »

Humility and Authority

John Ashcroft was Attorney General of the United States when 9/11 occurred. In that position, he was the man primarily responsible for making sure it didn’t happen again. What a heavy burden to bear. Congress passed the Patriot Act, and Ashcroft’s task was to ensure it was carried out faithfully yet cautiously, keeping in mind the rights of American citizens. In my opinion, he acted maturely in his efforts to deter terrorism while maintaining basic freedoms. Yesterday, I had the… Read more »