Normalizing Cuba?

Obama with CastroPresident Obama has now met with Raul Castro and begun the normalization of relations process with Cuba, thereby reversing American policy that has been in effect for more than 50 years, ever since the Castro brothers and their chief lieutenant, Che Guevara, ousted what was admittedly a corrupt Cuban government.

However, replacing a corrupt government with a totalitarian Marxist regime that routinely rounds up “enemies” of the state and executes them is not an improvement. Allowing the old Soviet Union to establish a base of operations just 90 miles from America was not an improvement. The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 could have led to WWIII.

Has anything really changed with that regime? Sure, Fidel stepped down, only to be replaced by his brother. Again, not an improvement. The Christians still cannot meet in open churches, although they have spread throughout the island prison in home meetings, and apparently are thriving. Thank God for that. But that’s not because the Cuban government is now so “liberal” in the old sense of that term.

President Obama doesn’t really care what’s going on now. He just wants us to “turn the page” on the past and ignore the atrocities that have characterized this murderous cabal:

Turn the Page

He claims that Cuba no longer supports terrorism and has no terrorist intentions. Why, they have been “clean” for the last six months. What an amazing record!

Removing Cuba

We’re told by Obama’s supporters that we should trust him, that he has more inside information than we do. Surely he would never be so foolish as to lead us astray when it comes to something as vital as America’s national security.

Nuclear Framework

Then again.

Never in the history of our country has a president so betrayed national security as this one. Never have we had anyone this radical, both in foreign and domestic policy, in charge.