Month: May 2015

Lewis: Do We Want Vision or Virtue?

Is there a moral law to which all men are subjected, or do men create whatever morality exists, according to their own lights? C. S. Lewis says that the second proposition is a disaster. Unfortunately, it’s where we are, to a great extent. In his essay “The Poison of Subjectivism,” Lewis states, Many a popular “planner” on a democratic platform, many a mild-eyed scientist in a democratic laboratory means, in the last resort, just what the Fascist means. He believes… Read more »

About That Crowded Republican Presidential Field

Have you checked the Republican presidential field lately? The announcements are coming at a regular pace now. Rick Santorum and George Pataki made it official this week. There are still a good number of potential candidates who have yet to make their announcements, but it’s obvious they are in the running as well—Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich, for example. Is it a good thing to have a field this crowded? Opinions differ. There are pluses and… Read more »

More From the Clinton Crime Family Foundation

Yes, it’s Clinton-Post time again. They just provide so much to work with, it’s hard to ignore them. Now we find out they set up this shell corporation (no real employees) through which to funnel Bill’s speaking fees. Another way to get around having to report the details and possibly get in trouble for seeing just who gives them money. Then we discover, through some fine investigative reporting (and not from conservative sources) that there is an odd kind of… Read more »

God’s Law & Man’s Law

Sir William Blackstone wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England, volumes published from 1765-1769. They became the standard for understanding how English laws were to be applied. The timing of these volumes was opportune for the American colonists, as they also looked to Blackstone for their basis in law. The preface, or introduction, to these volumes lays out the foundational beliefs that were supposed to govern English laws. They were as follows: The Law of Nature=The Will of God; Man’s… Read more »

Merely Tactical Setbacks

In a Memorial Day speech yesterday, President Obama said we should rejoice because for the first time in a long time American troops are not fighting in an overseas war. He even mentioned Afghanistan, where 10,000 Americans are still on active duty. The news report I was watching also commented that 3500 American military personnel continue to work with the Iraqi army. So how is that a testimony to complete withdrawal from overseas conflicts? He did what he does so… Read more »

Memorial Day 2015

On Memorial Day 2015, this is the image we should be concentrating on: Not this: If only our current leader’s sense of honor matched that of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Institutions for the Treatment of the Ideologically Unsound

C. S. Lewis, in his essay “The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment,” takes aim at the idea that evil behavior is only a disease that needs to be treated. No, he says, evil actions come from evil hearts and deserve punishment, not “treatment.” But that won’t stop the “conditioners” who want to rule society by somehow using therapy to make people better. As he puts it, To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard… Read more »