The Lewis Project Update

My last two posts provided an update on my sabbatical with respect to research into spiritual advisers to presidents. Another project I’ve been working on is my desire to write a book on the influence of C. S. Lewis on Americans.

I’ve posted before about my attempt to collect testimonies from Americans on how reading Lewis has impacted their thinking and their relationship with the Lord. The Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College has been the conduit for receiving those testimonies for me.

I want to thank those who have responded. I am pleased with the quantity and quality of those testimonies. It’s fascinating to me to gather information about which books by Lewis have made the greatest impression.

A further blessing on my Lewis research has been the communication I’ve established with  Walter Hooper, who served as Lewis’s secretary in the last months of his life, and has ever since been the primary promoter of Lewis’s works to the public. Mr. Hooper is the man mostly responsible for keeping Lewis’s name and writings in the forefront of Christian publishing. He has provided some excellent insights for me as I proceed with the project.

So, I have hope this book may become reality.

A parting thought today from Lewis, whose ability to communicate truth in memorable words is unequaled:

Problem of Pain Quote #3