Anyone Remember the IRS Scandal?

Lois Lerner 2If you know who this woman is, you are part of the minority who stays on top of news that is truly important. If you have forgotten who she is, or her face draws a complete blank, please allow me to fill in that blank. She needs to be known because she represents one of the most heinous activities of the federal government in recent years—the attempt to suppress all political opposition to Barack Obama. She is Lois Lerner, one of the architects of the IRS scheme to target conservative political groups and affect federal elections. In fact, her activities, along with her co-conspirators—yes, I will use that loaded word—may have led directly to Obama’s reelection.

Why am I writing about her today? Isn’t she “old news”? Well, if you get your information from the mainstream news media, that would be the case. All the major networks have ignored completely the latest development in the IRS scandal.

You might remember that Lerner’s attorney informed the Congress that all of her e-mails were inexplicably destroyed in a crash of her hard drive, and that there was no backup. Consequently, sorry Congress, but you really can’t continue investigating this scandal because of this unforeseen act of God. That’s the term, you know, for hurricanes, earthquakes, and destroyed computer hard disks.

That story, though, has been challenged by computer experts who say that’s not possible, given the backup system set up in the government. Now, the latest chapter in this saga is that her Blackberry, which had those so-called lost e-mails, was destroyed after the investigation began. Hmm, is it possible this all could be a coverup? I mean, isn’t there the slightest possibility this is political chicanery?

In league with Lerner is the fairly new head of the IRS, John Koskinen, a good friend and appointee of the president, who has carried out one of the craziest stonewalls of a congressional investigation ever witnessed. He keeps making statements that are demonstrably false, yet expects to get away with them. It’s almost like a comedy routine:

Lois Lerner's Computer

I know many other people have made the following point, but it’s worth repeating: if this were a Republican administration lying to this extent, a new Watergate would be born. Reporters would be falling over themselves digging up the dirt and rushing to report the latest angle of the scandal. Not so today. The mainstream news media doesn’t care. It is so sold out to praising Barack Obama that it has abandoned its basic journalistic role. It’s no longer a news media, but a cheering section in what it considers a political football game.

What about those hardy few who want to know the truth? Their path to the truth is going to be difficult:

Needle in Haystack

In the middle of all the other newsworthy stories—our foreign policy fiascoes and the increased terrorism threat—let’s not forget the IRS scandal. It hits at the very integrity of our government and our elections.