Reworking the SAT

Have you heard that changes are afoot again with the SAT tests? You know, those examinations by which you try to get into college? Already there have been changes since the 1960s that have “recentered” the scores. What that means in the real world is that a score today that is the same score one might have received along about 1963 is not really the same score—a 1200 today, for instance, would have come out lower back then. We’re making students think they are more advanced than they truly are.

The Mallard Fillmore comic strip has been having some fun with the latest changes, using exaggeration as its humorous tool. Exaggeration, though, can only be humorous if it has a basis in reality. Unfortunately, in this case, it does. Enjoy. Or cry. Whatever.

Scariest News

Arcane Vocab

Less Intimidating

Same Score

Doesn’t it make you feel good to know the professionals are in charge?