Overwhelmed by the Magnitude of the Misdeeds

I can understand why many people choose to ignore the multitude of scandals associated with the Obama regime. There is a weariness that can overtake you if you try to keep up with them all. After a while, it’s easy to glaze over and seek relief. Neither do I wish to spend all my time thinking about evil and how it worms its way into every corner of our society. I would like nothing better than to stop writing about it, but if I follow that natural inclination, I will be discarding the responsibility I believe God has placed on my shoulders.

One cartoonist has effectively summarized in one picture why we can get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the misdeeds:


As the cartoon suggests, the office of the presidency, as represented by the presidential seal, is besmirched and nearly obliterated. We’re supposed to be able to have respect for this office, but the current occupant is making that difficult.

One of the scandals that the media seems to have put behind it is the use of the IRS to hamper the activities of groups opposed to the Obama agenda. I know it’s been said hundreds of times by a variety of commentators, but I’ll say it once again: if a Republican president had attempted to do this to his opponents, that president would now be going through impeachment proceedings. Not so with this president; the media has determined he is untouchable, and his own party, which controls the Senate, will never face up to the truth and hold him accountable. Real justice would look like this:


The ongoing scandal, of course, is the constant use of presidential executive orders to get whatever he wants, regardless of laws passed or not passed by Congress. Reports indicate Obama has now made 28 revisions to Obamacare purely by executive fiat. Apart from specific legislation that undermines the republic, this raw exercise of an authority he doesn’t possess is the greatest threat to the future of this nation:

Executive Order

Democrats know their titular leader is no longer very popular; those who are running for reelection this November are running swiftly away from him. Some are simply hoping to hold on until 2016, when they believe he can be replaced by their next “dream” candidate, Hillary Clinton. Well, she actually may be more of a dream candidate for Republicans to run against, considering her history:

Hillary Memoir

Another President Clinton would be a continuation of what we are experiencing now, as well as a sad reminder of the follies and scandals of a previous Clinton presidency. Aren’t we supposed to learn from history?