The “Dangers” of Homeschooling–Part Two

Last week I relayed to you some of the Mallard Fillmore comic strip’s backhanded swipes at the monolithic government education system. It seeks to be a monopoly, but a hardy group of private schools and homeschoolers are keeping it from achieving its goal. Homeschooling, in particular, has been a burgeoning movement over the past decade, and its success has bred both anger and fear from the “system.” The artist, Bruce Tinsley, offers some of the “benefits” of a government education as compared to what one receives in a homeschooling situation. The first four can be found in the September 10th posting, if you would like to go back to see that one.

He continues his survey of the glories of education in a government school by pointing out that those homeschoolers sometimes think too highly of themselves:

Too Good

Well, that might be a little over the top. It certainly wouldn’t apply to all such schools, yet staying at home would lessen the probability of being “socialized” in that manner. Ready for another truly detrimental aspect of homeschooling?

Cause Conversations

Yes, that’s right. You may end up with an intelligent younger person living in your home who will have few problems interacting with adults. The horror of it all. Here’s something else a homeschooler misses out on:

Get Sick

How sad never to experience the joy of staying home from school. Finally, there’s this:

Metal Detector

The final two excellent reasons for avoiding homeschooling will be forwarded to you once I receive them.