Month: May 2012

Ending the War on Terror Prematurely

Did you know the War on Terror is over? That’s what a senior State Department official said a couple of weeks ago. The White House rushed to control the damage from that statement. But seriously, does a senior State Department official say something like that without some encouragement from those at the top? Even if “The War on Terror Is Over” is not the “official” position of the Obama administration, there may be a reason for the State Department guy’s… Read more »

Protests: A Study in Contrasts

I’ve been watching some of the videos from the NATO protests in Chicago. Protesters throw bottles and other missiles at police. Some have called for the deaths of police and NATO personnel. Many are dressed in outfits that make them look like no more than ordinary street thugs. As some commentators have noted, this is all very organized; radical unions like the SEIU are behind the coordinated mayhem. Keep in mind these are protests against violence. Supposedly. Police and demonstrators… Read more »

Restoring Humility to the Oval Office

Policies, as essential as they are, aren’t the only consideration when choosing leaders. Character is of equal significance. One of the key traits I seek in a candidate is humility. Pride is the cause of untold miseries. An arrogant leader is prone to mistakes based on his unrealistic evaluation of his own personal importance. What really gets to me are the polls that show a majority of Americans think Obama is likeable. Since when? This is the man who wrote… Read more »

Proverbs 11:2-6

When pride comes, then comes dishonor, but with the humble is wisdom. The integrity of the upright will guide them, but the crookedness of the treacherous will destroy them. Riches do not profit in the day or wrath, but righteousness delivers from death. The righteousness of the blameless will smooth his way, but the wicked will fall by his own wickedness. The righteousness of the upright will deliver them, but the treacherous will be caught by their own greed.  

Cartoon Meditations for a Friday

Let’s just have a few meditations on the economy today, and how it’s affecting the race for the presidency. What better way to accomplish this than to allow the cartoonists to carry the meditation? I know most of what I write about is national, but we can start with one state’s economy: Of course, if that happens, the rest of the country will be affected also. Did you hear that California governor Jerry Brown just announced that the state debt… Read more »

Judgment Begins with the Household of God

I don’t know much about Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. What I do know is what I read yesterday—that it’s a Christian university associated with the Georgia Baptist Convention and that it has decided to be consistent with that convention’s beliefs by asking its employees to sign a pledge indicating their agreement with the basic tenets of the church. To me, that’s only common sense. If you say “this is what we believe and this is what we seek to… Read more »

Teenage Indiscretions As a Campaign Tactic?

We’re beginning to see the outlines of how this campaign is going to play out. Helped by his friends in the media, Obama is trying to make Romney look like a bully. It’s almost funny, though. The Washington Post gave front-page status to a story emanating from the time Romney was in high school. Supposedly, he and others forcibly cut the hair of a fellow student who may have had homosexual tendencies. Please forgive my skepticism, as this “story” appeared… Read more »