False Faith & A New Reality

I’ve commented before on the unrealistic expectations some of President Obama’s supporters had for him as he assumed the office. As historian Paul Johnson has noted, the loss of Christian faith in the Western world has allowed all sorts of false messiahs to rise to the top. People want to have faith; they simply choose the wrong gods. There is only one. Consequently, it’s not surprising when disillusionment sets in.

Many promises were made. The most outlandish had to do with lowering the oceans and healing the planet. Perhaps it would have been better to just handle the manageable problems correctly. That hasn’t happened either.

The “solutions” enacted have actually done more damage. In some cases, as illustrated above, they have targeted precisely the wrong sectors. The corruption in Fannie and Freddie goes untouched, while the small businesses that create most of the jobs in society bear the brunt of the penalties.

The Obama administration has been a disaster for the nation on so many fronts I can hardly begin to enumerate them. Yet if you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you know about the most egregious actions and attitudes.

Is it possible he doesn’t realize the reality of his situation?

For the sake of the country as a whole, let’s pray for a new reality—beginning in November.