Stop This Proposal

There’s another proposal from the Obama administration that hasn’t gotten much play in the media, but which I consider the death knell for Christian colleges, if it becomes reality.

The proposal is simply this: put the government in charge of all student loans for education. Rather than simply guaranteeing loans obtained through private banks, Obama wants the government itself to be the source for those loans.

Why is this a problem?

Well, the current situation is already a burden to private colleges and universities, with all its rules and regulations. I’ve argued for years that it’s like the nose of the camel in the tent. If the government guarantees loans, it might be able to dictate to those colleges what they should teach. That hasn’t happened yet, but if Obama gets his way, it will be much more likely.

If the majority of students attending my university, for example—an evangelical, Christian university—take loans directly from the government, it’s going to want to ensure that the money is being used in ways it prefers.

What’s the likelihood that the federal government, particularly under an administration such as this one, will look favorably on bold pronouncements of Christian faith in the classroom? Pressure will be put on those universities to moderate their beliefs, even to change them if they want their students to continue receiving the funding.

You believe abortion and homosexuality are sins? That’s inflammatory language; it shouldn’t be allowed in a government-funded institution. You believe faith in Christ is the only way to have a relationship with God? How narrow and bigoted of you!

Can you see the potential here?

The current setup is bad enough, which is why I’ve always argued that we shouldn’t take part in the guaranteed loan program. What looms on the horizon is significantly worse.

This is another Obama initiative that must be stopped.