Month: February 2010

Why I Can't Be a Libertarian

I flirted with being a libertarian a number of years ago. After all, I definitely agreed with many of their policies. Two stand out: first, their commitment to the free market and limited government; second, their belief that government should not be in charge of education. I still agree with those policies. Over the years, though, I began to see more clearly that libertarianism and Christianity part company at a more fundamental level. Now, I realize that there are different types… Read more »

College Republicans Dinner

I don’t usually put a lot of personal photos on this blog, but I will make an exception today. Last night was a great dinner for the Southeastern University College Republicans. I’m faculty sponsor for the organization and am proud [in the proper sense] of their commitment and desire to make a difference. Our special speaker for the dinner was Dennis Ross, who is the leading Republican candidate for Congress in our district. He spoke about the character qualities we… Read more »

American History? Who Cares?

A proposal is being considered in North Carolina to change the history program in state high schools. Under this proposal, freshmen would no longer take world history, but would instead take “global studies,” which allows a lot of latitude in what can be included. Already we’re told that one of the “studies” to be emphasized will be environmentalism. You can be sure it won’t be a balanced approach. The change to American history comes in the junior year, when rather… Read more »

A Minority Voice

The title of this post may not lead where you think it does. I am the minority voice. There are others who agree with me on the subject at hand, but they are part of the minority as well—and according to the polls we are becoming even more of a minority. To what am I referring? The issue is homosexuality. My view, based on Biblical teaching, is that homosexual acts are not a matter of how one is born but… Read more »

Principles & Character

Last night, I spoke to a group of Christian educators from all over the state of Florida, meeting in Orlando. The subject was the role of principles and character in American political history. My goal was to show when Christian character and Biblical principles came to the forefront of public policy and when they were ignored. Blessings flowed from the first; consequences from the latter. It was a survey from the time of Woodrow Wilson, who championed the false idea… Read more »

Government Control of the Economy: A Primer

A primer is something that provides elementary lessons; it teaches the basics. There is a segment of the American public that needs a primer on what happens when the government tries its hand at directing the economy. Personally, I think the lessons are quite obvious, but ignorance is widespread. The first lesson is that our political leaders [depending on who is in charge, of course] often believe that government spending is the key to prosperity. In fact, President Obama has… Read more »

Reflections on God's Grace

I want to take this opportunity to offer thanks to God for what He has allowed me to do in my life. There was a time when I thought my life was going to be wasted as a result of some bad decisions I made. Yet I learned a valuable lesson: if we turn our hearts back to the Lord, He is still there. He’s never done with us—we are truly works in progress. I was 38 when I received… Read more »