A Minority Voice

The title of this post may not lead where you think it does. I am the minority voice.

There are others who agree with me on the subject at hand, but they are part of the minority as well—and according to the polls we are becoming even more of a minority.

To what am I referring?

The issue is homosexuality. My view, based on Biblical teaching, is that homosexual acts are not a matter of how one is born but rather how one chooses to live. I also believe that homosexual behavior is sinful. Yes, I used that word. Unapologetically.

You see, that used to be the majority viewpoint, but our culture has changed. What makes it even more evident is that many who call themselves conservatives don’t seem very bothered by the drift toward acceptance of homosexuality. On other issues—abortion, limited government, economic liberty—they are solid. But there is an erosion of conservative concern over this particular issue.

Here’s an example. Michael Ramirez is a superb cartoonist. I use many of his cartoons to illustrate key points. Yet here’s one of his latest.

The clear intent in this cartoon is to downplay legitimate concerns about allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. It’s clever. But its message denigrates Biblical truth.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I am a Christian first, a conservative second [whenever conservative values mirror Christian values], and a Republican third [only if consistent with conservative values that give expression to the underlying Christian beliefs].

One of the big problems with dismissing concerns over the tolerance of homosexual actions is, by doing so, we legitimize the “lifestyle” and give credence to the political activism that pushes it.

Some people want their sexuality to be the central focus of life. Everything must revolve around that. I maintain this is a skewed perspective, be it homo- or heterosexuality. Life is not defined by either. And in no case can a sinful choice, be it homosexuality or promiscuous heterosexuality, be the basis for good public policy.

Therefore, I will remain a minority voice—crying out in the wilderness, if need be—that we must, as a society, rethink the direction we are headed. Violating Biblical principles is inevitably a recipe for disaster.