A Demand for Justice, Not PC

Predictably, there are apologists out there who are insisting that Nidal Hasan became “unhinged” due to post-traumatic stress, and that his religious beliefs played little or no role in his actions. When critics point out that Hasan never participated in the war personally, they say it was the result of hearing all the stories from those who had—sort of a secondhand post-traumatic stress.

Let’s review what we know of his actions, since more evidence comes out daily.

  • First, he was known to frequent a mosque in Virginia that had a radical jihadist as leader;
  • Second, it has been revealed that he has kept in contact with this radical leader even after he moved to Yemen;
  • Third, it appears that he did actually say “Allahu Akbar” {God/Allah is great] as he went about killing innocent people.

The FBI knew about his e-mails with the jihadist, and even told the Army about them. Both apparently concluded they were “benign.” Keep in mind this is an Army officer communicating with an Islamic terrorist who was calling for an attack on American Army personnel. How can anyone in his right mind consider this to be appropriate? Can you imagine an Army officer during WWII indulging in a few “benign” phone calls with Joseph Goebbels?

Then, on Sunday, the Army Chief of Staff, General George Casey, made the following statements:

I’m concerned that this increased speculation [about Hasan’s motives] could cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers. . . . Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.

Reflect a minute on those words. First, in spite of the horror of 9/11, Muslims in America did not suffer reprisals. Where were the roundups of Muslims? Where were the massacres in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks? In fact, there were none. There will be none now. Gen. Casey is worried about something that hasn’t happened, and never will.

Second, all this emphasis on diversity shows how far gone down the political correctness road we have traveled. One must define diversity first. If you’re talking about America being a place where one’s ethnic background makes no difference in law or opportunity, yes, that’s the kind of diversity that provides strength. However, that’s not what the general is implying. He’s talking about diversity in belief. If we become too diverse, and turn a blind eye toward radical Islam [which is apparently what the FBI and the Army did] that is not a strength; instead, it’s a sign of disunity and lack of purpose. It robs us of our will to win against an enemy. It even denies that there is an enemy.

Justice must be done in this case. Yes, get all the facts first. But don’t ignore inconvenient facts. A nation that succumbs to this type of political correctness is a nation on its last legs.