Month: November 2009

Islam, Christianity, & the Media

Watching or reading the mainstream media, one might never know that Christianity historically has been the basis for American civilization. If someone completely unfamiliar with America’s history were to go by what he learns from the media today, he would probably believe: Christians are the most intolerant individuals in society, seeking to impose their values on everyone else Christianity is the source of all societal ills The “Religious Right” is the bane of politics When it comes to Islam, however,… Read more »

Education's Historic Shift (Part VII)

Protestant evangelicals, toward the middle of the nineteenth century, sought to set up state-controlled education because they thought they would be the ones to control it, and then be able to keep America fundamentally Protestant in spite of the new Catholic immigration. They looked for a model for how to do this—and they found it. In order to find it, they had to travel to Europe to a country called Prussia, which forms the nucleus of modern-day Germany. Prussia, at… Read more »

Education's Historic Shift (Part VI)

A couple weeks ago, I started a history of the shift in education in America from private to government schools. I said there were three groups pushing for this change. The first group was Unitarians, who denied the Trinity and sought to replace church education with education dictated by government. They also believed that education was the answer for all societal ills. The second group was the Owenites, followers of Robert Owen, a communist utopian who emigrated from Britain to… Read more »

Pernicious Principles

I’ve called this blog “Pondering Principles” because I believe that God has given us general truths [principles] that apply to all of life. Naturally, I want to expound on those truths and call us back to being principled people. We need to keep in mind, though, that there are other principles out there that are not from God. They also form the basis for what people think and do. If they don’t come from the heart and Word of God,… Read more »

Healthcare & Abortion

Pro-lifers rejoiced recently when the abortion language was dropped from the House healthcare bill. That rejoicing may be shortlived. President Obama has now made it known that he wants federal funding of abortion inserted back into the final healthcare bill that comes out of Congress. For those who may not remember just how pro-abortion this president is, let me jog your memory. As an Illinois state senator, Obama took the most radical position possible on this issue. When a bill… Read more »

A Reflective Perspective

This is not a cartoon or picture day. I just want to share what’s on my heart. I write this blog daily as a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican third. I want my Biblical worldview to be the basis for all my comments. When I look at our society as a whole, our government and politics in particular, and the history that serves as the background for both, I want to be sure that my opinions are… Read more »

Illogical Logic

Sometimes, when I hear the rationales being put forward for certain policies, I just have to shake my head in disbelief. The logic is so illogical. One of the best cartoonists for pointing this out is Bruce Tinsley. Here are a few examples. There seems to be a tendency in liberal circles to spend a lot of time ignoring evil. Well, there is some evil identified in liberal ideology, but it’s always somehow attached to America in general, and conservatives… Read more »