Month: September 2009

When Is a Tax Not a Tax?

I was just watching the news. The Senate is having a lot of fun, apparently, trying to add 500+ amendments to its healthcare bill. The amendments themselves cover 600 pages. The cost is now at the one trillion mark. But we’re not supposed to worry because the federal government will cut $400 billion from Medicare and bring in more than $300 billion in new “revenue.” By the time they’re done, we’re assured, it will practically pay for itself. First, has… Read more »

American Character: John Jay

He was a significant founder, yet not many people know his name. He was a devoted Christian, but how many are aware of that? John Jay’s family came to America as persecuted Protestants from France. Liberty of conscience came with them, and that belief was transferred to him. Jay was deeply involved in the constitutional debate over Great Britain’s policies leading to the American Revolution. While he was very concerned over the British government’s claims, he nevertheless was a moderate… Read more »

No Defense for This

Before Ronald Reagan won the presidency, he discovered something that astonished him. While touring America’s missile silos, he asked a simple question: what can we do in case of a nuclear missile attack on us? The answer from the military officer? Nothing. We could rain missiles on the Soviet Union, but there was no way to stop missiles from hitting us. Reagan wanted to rectify that situation. That’s why in March 1983 he told the nation that he was directing… Read more »

More Weeks Like These

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the president. First, there were a few people who gathered together to let him know they didn’t agree with his policies. In his primetime speech, President Obama actually mentioned the possibility of tort reform, but I’m not sure too many people believed him. The media did its best to ignore the ACORN fiasco . . . But it’s difficult to ignore an organization that promotes blatant illegalities . . . I’ve never… Read more »

A Meaningful Constitution Day

Yesterday was the celebration of the signing of the Constitution by the delegates to the convention that drafted it. It’s a day that goes generally unnoticed by most of the nation—we’re far more attached to days with far less significance. Don’t get me started on “Halloween.” At Southeastern, we had formal recognition of this anniversary. I thought the best way to commemorate this historical event was to have those who work in the government relate their thoughts about the importance… Read more »

Isn't It Nice We're Now Post-Racial?

The man who might be able to claim the title of most incompetent president of the 20th century has decided to speak out again. Apparently, making nice comments about Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez or denouncing Israel for its policies toward Palestinians has not kept him busy enough. Now he has to interject race into American politics. Jimmy Carter, in an interview on NBC, expressed himself in this manner: I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President… Read more »

The Return of ACORN

Not that ACORN actually ever went away, of course, but the organization that was under fire back during the campaign for its voter-registration fraud is back in the news. This past week, a couple of undercover conservatives went to various ACORN offices and pretended to be a pimp and a prostitute looking to buy a house to carry out their activities. In each office (3 thus far), they were given advice on how to do so illegally. The only reason,… Read more »