Another Plug for Chambers

A Classic that Deserves Greater Recognition

A Classic that Deserves Greater Recognition

I have been saying for over twenty years that there is one movie that has not been made that needs to be. The life of Whittaker Chambers, as poignantly described in his autobiography Witness is a classic. It can make the transition from the printed page to film.

Now I have found at least one person who agrees with me. Matt Lewis, a blogger at, is making the same argument as he talks about conservative movies that should see the light of day:

The autobiography of Whitaker Chambers is widely regarded as one of the greatest conservative books of all time, and it helped inspire a young actor named Ronald Reagan. It would be a harrowing tale of political intrigue, chronicling Chambers descent into communism, his recruitment as a Soviet spy, his change of heart, and finally key role in exposing Alger Hiss — a Soviet mole in the State Department. This would be especially relevant as Chambers was ridiculed in his day, but his claims have largely been vindicated by history. It would return the term, “Pumpkin papers” back into the lexicon.

… And the Oscar goes to…libertarian activist/comedian Drew Carey, who makes a surprising dramatic turn as Whittaker Chambers, then shocks the world by winning the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

It’s nice to have some support. If there is anyone out there reading this who has connections in the film industry, please let me know.