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Technology Is Not the Problem

Self-centeredness is not new. We see it as the reason for the Fall in the Garden, and it has been the root of all sin ever since. Is the new generation emerging into adulthood more self-centered than previous ones? It may be fashionable to say so, but perhaps modern selfishness is just exhibiting itself in different ways; the heart of man never changes without redemption through Christ. Our technological advancements showcase our selfishness more. Whereas in the past it was… Read more »

Technology & Those Things That Matter Most

In order to stave off misunderstanding, before I get to my main point today, let me assure any and all readers that I really do like new technology. I mean, I’m using a computer right now, and there are still some who haven’t crossed that barrier. I’m not one of them. How I wish I’d had a laptop back in 1981 when I was completing my master’s thesis. Try typing a 138-page paper in time for graduation, knowing that if… Read more »

A Truth that Sustains

We are surrounded by information. In fact, I marvel sometimes at how much has changed during my life. I remember, as a boy, that we had a party line for our telephone service. Can you even imagine anymore picking up the phone, hearing someone else talking, and have to hang up and wait until they’re done to make your own call? Now it’s virtually impossible to find anyone whose cell phone isn’t their constant companion. I do appreciate having the… Read more »