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Rockefeller the Christian?

A couple days ago, I posted about Booker T. Washington—the fruit of the preparation I’m doing for a course called “The Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1917.” I hope I showed in that post that he is someone to be admired for his character. Another figure from that time period who needs his reputation reexamined is John D. Rockefeller. Historians typically castigate this man for supposedly destroying other companies by buying them out. Another presumably evil thing he did was to… Read more »

Honest, Unbiased News

The Juan Williams firing by NPR a couple of weeks ago continues to generate comment. Who better to offer incisive comment than Mallard Fillmore? Yet we have West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller saying that the government ought to shut down both Fox News and MSNBC so that honest, unbiased presentation of the news will be offered. Like NPR?