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Mutiny on the Democrat Bounty

The purported “most transparent” administration in history is not pleased with the new transparency. In truth, this has been arguably the most obstructive, secretive administration in history, acknowledged even by the journalists that have done their best to place President Obama on an unassailable pedestal. They are becoming more disgruntled with the lack of access; they are, in effect, spurned lovers. Former administration officials have been writing books about their time with this president. The carefully polished, and largely contrived,… Read more »

Intelligence Failures

ISIS forces closing in on a city in Syria. Our bombing has done nothing to stop them. Baghdad, in Iraq, also threatened. Our bombing seems ineffective. An astounding 70% or so of Americans in a recent poll saying ground troops may be needed. Everyone is getting the point—except the one person who ought to get it. Former Obama secretary of defense Leon Panetta has come out with his book. In it, he details how Obama rejected his and other military… Read more »

The Senate Benghazi Report: Assigning Blame

Periodically, the American public needs to be reminded that on September 11, 2012, four Americans—including the ambassador to Libya—were murdered in Benghazi. Investigations into what happened, who was responsible for the lack of security, why the military sent no help, who was involved in the attack, etc., have been ongoing. One of the main problems with getting answers is that the Obama administration has refused to cooperate fully. Some people who were on the ground in Libya and others in… Read more »

Of Super Committees & Gullible Voters

So now it’s official: the Super Committee wasn’t so super after all. Abject failure. No agreement on how to cut the budget by $1.2 trillion, which wasn’t even really a budget cut, but merely a slowing of the growth of the national debt. Democrats on the committee wanted to use it as a way to increase taxes by $1 trillion; Republicans rightly balked at that. Republicans offered cuts along with the closing of some loopholes to increase revenues; Democrats wouldn’t… Read more »