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Is This America?

Is this America? For two years, Aaron and Melissa Klein have been living a nightmare. Owners of an Oregon bakery, they had the audacity to refuse to bake a cake for a “gay wedding.” By the way, I continue to put that phrase in quotes because I find it so antithetical to common sense and one of the classic oxymorons of our time. I have commented before on this case because of the gaystapo tactics of the state of Oregon…. Read more »

That’s the Country We Used to Live In

About two years ago, a bakery in Gresham, Oregon, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, was the first to suffer from the demand that the Christian owners bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. It went to court, and now the owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, have been fined $135,000, a sum that could bankrupt them. But there’s no antagonism toward Christians in our nation. The Kleins were ostracized from the community as photographers and florists who used to work with them… Read more »