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As I wrote yesterday, vacations are fine, even for presidents. But they need to be aware how their vacations are perceived by the general public. Going to Martha’s Vineyard, I noted, may make the president seem a little out of touch with what’s happening in the country as a whole. Perhaps he’s afraid of that very thing; he ducked photographers on the golf course yesterday so there wouldn’t be photos of him enjoying his golf game. Now, again, I don’t… Read more »

Location, Location, Location

I have no problem with presidents taking vacations. With modern communications technology, no president is out of touch with world events or incapable of fulfilling the mandates of the office, no matter where he may be. Therefore, I don’t criticize President Obama for taking a vacation at this time, particularly in the last part of August when Congress is in recess. But if he is not out of touch with the world at large, his choice of vacation spots reveals… Read more »