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John Jay: Christian Statesman

How about a little wisdom from one of America’s Founders today? Most people are not too familiar with John Jay, but he was central to almost every major event of the Founding. Jay served in the Continental Congress, was one of the principal leaders in the debates leading to Independence, was elected president of Congress at one point, and was appointed one of the peace commissioners who negotiated the end of the American Revolution. Afterwards, he, along with James Madison… Read more »

Thomas Paine vs. John Jay

My latest article for Big Government posted today. In it, I contrast Thomas Paine with John Jay. Most people are big on Paine and have little knowledge of Jay. I’m not so big on Paine and believe Jay is a model for us today. Big Government actually made this one into its “Feature Story,” an honor I didn’t expect. You can check it out at http://biggovernment.com/asnyder/2010/06/09/paine-vs-jay-patriots-in-contrast/#more-130026 If this is your first time on my blog today, don’t miss my earlier posting—scroll… Read more »