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Eternal Vigilance . . .

A few follow-ups today on topics I’ve mentioned recently. Yesterday I commented on Secretary of State John Kerry’s insistence that global warming is settled science and that anyone who questions it belongs to the Flat Earth Society. Never mind, of course, that no one of learning ever really believed the earth was flat; to point that out would be inappropriate. I came across what I consider to be a fine rejoinder to Kerry’s rather smug assertion: Our modern-day skeptics of… Read more »

The Icy Irony

I don’t often write about global warming. Since I’m not a climate scientist, I tend not to venture too far into the topic. Yet I do have my views, particularly when someone like Al Gore tries to say the earth is melting. Well, he didn’t say exactly that, but one gets the impression he might believe it. I do believe man can affect the environment, but most of the talk about global warming is so over the edge that it… Read more »

Political Cartoon Potpourri Day

Let’s cover a few topics today and let the political cartoons carry most of the commentary. Regular readers know I like to do this occasionally. I could attribute this to a bit of laziness on my part or simply to my deep appreciation of the cartoonists’ wit. I’ll choose the latter. In response to the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya by Islamists who gunned down only Christians, here’s a sobering assessment: Yes, we’re still waiting for expressed… Read more »

Common Sense: Missing in Action

I returned from a ten-day visit to Tucson late last week and had to go through the airport screening as usual. Fortunately, I was not directed to the whole-body scanner; if I had been, I would have chosen the patdown instead. I did, though, see just who was being chosen for the whole-body-scanner experience: an elderly man and a middle-aged woman, both of whom were about as close to being a terrorist as one of my grandsons. I still pray… Read more »