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Obama, Energy, & Jobs: An Ideological Agenda

One would think a president would want his nation to be energy independent, wouldn’t one? Yet from the very start, President Obama seems to have done everything possible to forestall that possibility. He has attacked oil and coal while promoting “green” energy companies. Even his so-called stimulus bill included millions for green companies, many of which either squandered the money or went out of business. He has opposed the Keystone pipeline on behalf of environmental extremists and has practically declared… Read more »

Forward into the Abyss

I feel like being “light” today after all the seriousness of last week. However, even in lightness, serious points can be made. I’ve always found the best way to do this is to rely on those who make it their livelihood—the political cartoonists. As you can imagine, the election gave rise to a flurry of new cartoons. Here are some of the best that have surfaced since last Tuesday, beginning with those that use the Obama slogan as their centerpiece:… Read more »

The Case Against Barack Obama: Domestic Policies

In my two previous posts, I’ve covered Barack Obama’s worldview and key character traits. His worldview consists of a blend of Marxism, anti-colonialism, and liberation theology. The three blend quite well, a type of unholy trinity. His character, dominated by a self-righteous arrogance and narcissism, leads to fantastic claims of future accomplishments—the lowering of the seas and the healing of the planet being the most ludicrous—and a tendency to put personal interests, whether golf or hobnobbing with celebrities, ahead of… Read more »

Redeeming Rutherford B. Hayes

Last week, President Obama made fun of one of his predecessors, Rutherford B. Hayes, who served as president from 1877-1881. In a campaign speech—which is the description of any and all speeches he makes—Obama referred to people who disagree with his energy policies as those who would have been founding members of the Flat Earth Society if they had lived at the time of Columbus. Now, never mind that no one of any knowledge during Columbus’s life span believed the… Read more »

Government “Solutions”

I don’t adhere to the philosophy that government is evil. Rather, I believe it is established by God to accomplish justice. As stated in the book of Romans in the New Testament, it should protect those who do good and punish those who do evil. When government stays within its God-ordained role, it is honorable and necessary. But when government steps outside those boundaries, it creates unceasing mischief. When Reagan took office, in his first inaugural address, he famously noted… Read more »

Dim Bulbs

This is an incandescent light bulb. It is an enemy of humanity. It’s just not green enough. Forget that it has served admirably for more than a century. Dismiss the thought that the vast majority of people have been quite happy with the results of using one. What we need to understand is that it is not energy efficient, and that is borderline evil. That’s why Congress, in its wisdom, back in 2007, voted to ban the sale of all… Read more »