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I’ve stored up a number of Mallard Fillmore cartoons. It’s time to unleash them. For those unfamiliar with this daily comic strip, I hope you find its willingness to take on political correctness refreshing. For instance, when it comes to civil discourse and hate speech, here are a couple of offerings: It gets pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? Education is also in the “crosshairs” for this cartoonist frequently. Often he bases his cartoons on actual studies: Now, to be clear, I… Read more »

Palin's Fitting Response

So much has been written about the unsubstantiated accusations regarding the Tucson shootings that I hate to dwell on it, but the cartoonists have just now caught up with the issue, thereby providing some pertinent commentary. One has compared the conspiracy mentality with the ongoing mania over Pres. Kennedy’s assassination back in 1963: Who are the real crazies here? It was only a matter of a couple of hours before the accusations started flying: It kind of brings to mind… Read more »

Loughner: The Facts

When Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviewed Sheriff Clarence Dupnik on Sunday, she pressed him on the issue of whether any evidence existed that Jared Loughner was at all influenced by politics. Dupnik danced around the question, but ultimately had to concede that no evidence had turned up that the killer acted because he had been encouraged to do so by talk radio or any political movement. Dupnik, of course, famously initiated that line of thinking with his ill-timed opinion at a… Read more »

The Tucson Tragedy

When we celebrated our one-year-old grandson’s birthday in Tucson on December 29, I went to the nearest grocery store to buy the ice cream. It was a Safeway store located in a shopping center on the corner of Ina and Oracle. On Saturday, that very store was in the news as the scene for a most horrific shooting. As I have watched the coverage the past couple of days, I can visualize from my own experience the very spot where one young… Read more »