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Celebrating Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to everyone. No, I haven’t lost my mind. July 2, 1776, is the date independence was approved by the Continental Congress. We get it mixed up with the day the Declaration of Independence was agreed upon. So the real birthday of the United States is July 2; July 4 just provided the proper wording to tell the world what had occurred. On July 1, word was sent to Delaware delegate Caesar Rodney to get back to Philadelphia… Read more »

They Deserve to Win

As a counterpoint to yesterday’s post, where I listed the politicians who most deserved to lose this year, today I’ll focus on the positive—those who really deserve to win. Now, that doesn’t mean they all will win, but the nation would be better off if they did. I’m going to start close to home with Florida’s Senate race. No one, when the race began, expected Marco Rubio to gain any traction. He had been speaker of the Florida House, and… Read more »

O'Donnell & the Tea Party: Getting Republicans' Attention

A new heroine has emerged from the Tea Party movement, and her emergence has establishment Republicans in shock. Christine O’Donnell was not supposed to win the Delaware Republican primary for the open Senate seat. It was foreordained that “moderate” Mike Castle was the heir apparent. Castle’s “moderate” positions included voting against the pro-life cause and for the bailouts and stimulus packages. Yet O’Donnell stunned everyone with a classic come-from-behind victory that most politicians never experience. Her path to victory in… Read more »