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A Constitutional Protest: The American Colonial Example

The American colonies used every legal means available to them to protest unconstitutional acts of Parliament. When the Townshend Acts were passed in 1767, taxing tea, lead, paper, and glass without any representation on their part in Parliament, Massachusetts took action. Under the leadership of Samuel Adams, the Massachusetts assembly wrote the Circular Letter, stating that the measures were clearly opposed to all British constitutional precedents. Not only were they being taxed without their consent, but troops had been sent… Read more »

As Arizona Goes . . . ?

The Arizona illegal immigration bill remains a top story of interest throughout the nation. Polls are showing that a clear majority of Americans support what Arizona has done. Within the state itself, more than 70% of Arizonans continue to back the bill. Gov. Jan Brewer’s approval rating has skyrocketed. Yet in the mainstream media, and in the halls of political power in Washington, Arizona is a pariah. President Obama played host to Mexican president Calderon last week. They had a… Read more »