Finney: Dealing with Unjust Accusations & Trials

Revival LecturesIn his Revival Lectures, Charles Finney writes about the indications that one is filled with the Spirit. There are a couple of these that have always been difficult for me. Perhaps you may find a portrait of yourself as well in these words:

If you are filled with the Spirit, you will not find yourself distressed and galled, and worried, when people speak against you. When I find people irritated and fretting at any little thing that touches them, I am sure they have not the Spirit of Christ. Jesus Christ could have everything said against Him that malice could invent, and yet not be in the least disturbed by it. . . .

You will be calm under affliction; not thrown into confusion or consternation when you see the storm coming over you. People around will be astonished  at your calmness and cheerfulness under heavy trials, not knowing the inward supports of those who are filled with the Spirit.

I admit publicly it’s always been particularly hard for me to handle being unjustly accused of something. My immediate reaction is to rush to my own defense. Past experience shows that hasn’t always been the wisest way to deal with the situation. I seek to respond the way Jesus would, and I hope, in future trials, my testimony can be an example of a life directed by His Spirit and not my own.