The Selfie President

I’ve written more than once about my belief that President Obama is a confirmed narcissist. Every time there is a special commemoration of some kind, his White House releases a picture of him, as if he is “the” participant in a historic event. It has happened with Rosa Parks, Pearl Harbor, and numerous other occasions. This fascination with himself has gone well beyond such photos. Shortly after taking office, he sent a gift to Queen Elizabeth—audio of his speeches. Before he was president, he penned two memoirs, as if he were already a historic figure. Well, actually, there’s some controversy over how much of those memoirs came from his furrowed brow. The Bill Ayers-ghostwriter rumor has new legs now.

In the past week, he did it again by posing for a “selfie” at the Mandela commemoration. Sure, he did it with two other world leaders, but that’s no excuse. Now, some may say all this is harmless, but I beg to differ. It’s revealing of his character, one that is about as egocentric as any president’s since LBJ. In fact, I have to give him a higher rating for egocentrism than even LBJ. This type of character in the White House has consequences for the entire nation. A couple of political cartoons have captured the danger rather well:

The Selfie

Another Selfie

Three more years of this. Courage.