Obamacare & Other Despicable Acts

It has become rather obvious that President Obama is using this government slimdown to inflict as much annoyance/pain on the general population as possible, in the hope that they will rise up against Republicans, accusing them of being the cause of all the pain. I’m not making an illogical leap here; he did it previously when the sequester went into effect, shutting down even the relatively inexpensive White House tours.

The most glaring example of the ridiculous nature of this tactic has been the closing of the WWII Memorial even though hundreds of WWII veterans show up each day to view this testament to their courage and honor. That tactic has blown up in his face, as well it should have. Even members of Congress have appeared there to remove the barriers. If you’ve ever been to the memorial—I have twice—you know it’s an open-air monument that requires little in the way of government expense. I learned yesterday, in fact, that most of its funding is private. I also learned that it probably has cost the government more to police its closing than it would have to let it remain open and available to all.

Of all the shameful acts of this administration, this one should embarrass them the most. Obama’s definition of non-essential needs tweaking, and his disdain for those who have sacrificed for our liberty is clearly demonstrated through this despicable act:

Liberty Non-Essential

Speaking of despicable acts, we’ve come to this place solely as a result of the woefully misnamed Affordable Care Act. Its rollout has been comical. I’m sure more than one citizen has asked this question:


Anticipating the glitches, Obama himself tried to compare any problems the public might face enrolling in Obamacare to Apple’s new operating system. One commentator called that a silly, apples-to-oranges comparison. Patrick Seitz, writing in Investors Business Daily, did his own rather scathing comparison: “The former is an increasingly unpopular government takeover of the U.S. health-care system, while the latter is a product of the world’s most valuable brand and a company known for delighting customers.” Obamacare is not exactly delighting its customers.

Rotten Apples

One cartoonist caught the apples-to-oranges contrast fairly well:

Apps You Don't Need

Forcing people to buy health insurance, fining them when they don’t, working to undermine all private insurance as an end goal, and concocting a cult of personality to sell it is more than slightly reminiscent of how certain other regimes have operated:

Obamacare Salute

Notice the banners. When you have the media doing your bidding, you can get away with almost anything. An uninformed/misinformed and complacent citizenry, devoid of principles, is our downfall.