Tragedy & Farce in Washington

The murder of twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard earlier this week was tragic enough; we didn’t need the media/progressive/Democrat machine [I use those terms interchangeably] to combine the tragedy with farce. Media reporting on the incident went astray almost immediately, the victim of an ideology that sees guns as the number one problem in America. We were told quite confidently that the shooter used an “assault rifle,” the AR-15. Leaving aside for now the mislabeling of such weapons, the real focus should be on the media’s spreading of disinformation, since that wasn’t the weapon used by the perpetrator. But that’s to be expected; the media is already well practiced at mislabeling in other areas as well:

Media's Guide

The clamor for gun-free zones, pushed by both the media and progressive politicians, doesn’t abate, regardless of the foolishness of the reasoning behind the push. Ft. Hood was a gun-free zone when Nidal Hasan opened fire; the Washington Navy Yard was also. In fact, that seems to be the policy on military bases, contrary to all common sense. Declaring some place a gun-free zone is not exactly a deterrent to those who are bent on using their guns for mayhem:

Gun-Free Zone

If we’re really serious about safeguarding the public, we should allow all the responsible gun owners—the clear majority—to be armed, if they wish. That, by itself, would make assailants think twice before proceeding.

The other illogical aspect of all this is the attempt to avoid talking about the real problem—man’s sinfulness—and to deflect blame toward the guns themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised someday to hear a report like this:

Deranged Man

The administration seems to be quite selective with respect to its acceptance of people who can have guns. Unfortunately, its acceptance doesn’t extend to the law-abiding citizens:

Obama Gun

Perhaps the greatest farce that occurred shortly after the resolution of the incident came from the very top. President Obama, at a time when he should have been uniting the nation in sympathy for the victims, chose instead to launch a partisan attack on Republicans with regard to the moribund economy. Even many of his supporters in the media were uncomfortable with his choice of topic and his wording:


Having a tone-deaf ideologue at the helm is not helpful.