Restoring Independence

How ironic is it that we take this week to celebrate American independence while we’re closer to utter dependence on the government than at any other time in our history? We’ve had other eras where government overreach was achieved—think Wilson, FDR, and LBJ—and the fruit of those years has been with us ever since, yet never have we witnessed such a concerted effort to subjugate the American people as that which has occurred during the reign of Obama. As someone commented recently, we seem to have replaced George III with Barack I. And the most prominent means for establishing this new budding tyranny is the misnamed Affordable Care Act. The facts about Obamacare, which many have warned about throughout this presidency, are now becoming clearer even to those who have voted this man into office:


Don’t just take my word for it. The Congressional Budget Office has a few things to say about it also:

CBO Report

How appropriate to relate it to the wording of the Declaration of Independence.

The silver lining in all this is the utter ineptness of this administration in its attempts to carry out the act. Not only may bureaucratic incompetence spell its doom, but the baneful effects are becoming so obvious that administration officials are beginning to run away from it. The complaints from small businesses have been growing. They aren’t hiring because they will be subject to its provisions if they have more than fifty employees. One way they’ve found to get around it is to reduce the hours of current employees to less than thirty per week, thereby eliminating thousands of fulltime jobs.

Disaster looms, and Obama’s people know it. That’s why it was announced this past week that the employer mandate has been postponed from January 2014 to January 2015. The president himself avoided making that pronouncement; it was shoved off to an assistant secretary of the treasury at a time that most people weren’t paying attention. They tried to cover it up as much as possible; it would be rather embarrassing to come clean about the unworkability of the entire plan.


Another twist is that the administration simply declared it could initiate this delay, despite the fact that the law says it goes into effect this coming January. While I don’t ever want it to go into effect, and therefore am relieved by this postponement, how can the executive branch of the government decide not to carry out the law as written? If you’ve been following closely the past five years, this is nothing new for President Obama. Adhering to the concept of the rule of law is not one of his priorities.

The other angle is that they know if the population feels the full effects of Obamacare prior to the 2014 congressional elections, the Democrats will be in real trouble. They are already poised to lose control of the Senate; a fully enacted Obamacare might seal the deal. Why not put it off until after those elections?



What? Am I intimating that this administration is playing politics? No, I’m not intimating. I’m openly accusing.

My fondest hope is that Obamacare will ultimately self-destruct. That would help restore independence once again.