Exposing Abortion

It’s always difficult getting the mainstream media’s attention on a real life and death issue like abortion. As I’ve noted numerous times, they aren’t interested because the majority are in favor of abortion on demand. Even the horrific practices of Kermit Gosnell were ignored until the roar of the alternative media finally was heeded. The remnant who still believe in the sanctity of innocent human life made their voice heard. Gosnell was justly declared guilty, but a plea deal allowed him to avoid the death penalty he so lavishly carried out on his many victims. Ironically, he seems to have had a certain change of heart after the guilty verdict:

Now Pro-Life

Without the constant pressure from those who are highlighting the abortion problem, the media would choose to take a back seat again now that the Gosnell business is over. Fortunately, there are principled individuals and organizations that are doing their best not to allow that. Stay tuned for more exposure as other abortionists who are just as bad as Gosnell will be exposed. Most of the nation still has to wake up to a salient fact:

Tip of the Iceberg

There’s another fact of which most are unaware:


The tone is being set at the top. That needs to be exposed also.