Biblical Thinking about Government

I haven’t taken the opportunity lately to talk about my books that are available to those of you who might be interested. Let me rectify that over the next few days.

For those who have an active interest in what the Bible has to say about government, you can check out If the Foundations Are Destroyed: Biblical Principles and Civil Government. In it, I expound on basic Biblical principles such as individuality, self-government, and property, among others. I even have a chapter devoted to investigating which form of government seems most in concert with Biblical concepts. Each chapter begins with an explanation of a principle as found in Scripture, then makes application to government as we look at historical examples.

This book is intended for a general audience; my initial goal was to help Christians understand why government should be a concern for those who want to be genuine disciples of Jesus Christ. I also have used it, though, in some of my university courses as a primer for students who need to be grounded in Biblical thinking.

You can get it either at or If you sense a lack in your understanding of this important area of Biblical thinking, this is the book you need.