This Is Why I Write

One of my concerns for those who read my posts is that they won’t grasp the real reasons why I desire to share my views. It would be easy, from a superficial reading, to think I’m just a conservative who doesn’t like Obama specifically and Democrats/liberals in general. I do oppose Obama and his policies, and I’m also opposed to the Democrat agenda. But there are foundational principles that guide my opposition. I believe in objective truth, and that it exists through the God of the Bible. I want to stand strong for truth.

Obama’s policies are merely the open manifestation of deeper problems plaguing our culture. They rest, as does the whole worldview that motivates him and his political allies, on a number of falsities that need to be exposed. Let me deal briefly with each one.

  • False Theology: This takes many forms, but each form denies the real character of God as revealed in Scripture. It may, for instance, say the Scriptures cannot be trusted; that a different God is portrayed in the New Testament than in the Old; that his primary concern is social justice through government programs; that Jesus was His son in purely a human way, and all we do is follow Jesus’ example to “liberate” people from poverty; that since God is a God of love, there is no hell to which those who reject His love will be consigned.
  • False Psychology: Rather than understanding man as a unique creation made in the image of God, we instead view him as a social animal who needs to be studied to figure out why he does what he does. We replace the reality of sin with other explanations—excuses primarily—for his evil actions. Perhaps he’s just a product of his environment, or maybe there are deep-seated, hidden reasons for his actions that can only be brought to the surface through lifelong psychoanalysis. Maybe society is to blame, not the individual. Could it be that we simply need to remove the impediments in our lives so we can attain self-actualization? Bottom line for all these theories: man is not accountable for his actions; someone or something else is to blame.
  • False Anthropology: Ancient civilizations were crude and rudimentary, but now we have evolved into complexity. We know more than our ancestors; we are the enlightened ones. Yet we honor all cultures, believing that it would be wrong to try to change them because all cultures are equally valid. Never mind that some practice cannibalism; look past cultures that burn widows on their husbands’ funeral pyres, and hundreds of other sadistic and horrible actions. No, we cannot judge. Who are we to say that we know best? And by all means, don’t preach a gospel that says the culture must change. That is insensitive.
  • False Soteriology:  We are “saved” by education. We are “saved” by the government. If we believe at all in an afterlife, we believe we can get on God’s good side through our own actions; as long as we have more positive deeds than negative, it will all work out in the end. He couldn’t possibly exclude “good” people. After all, we fed the poor, we gave money to help those in need, and we collected every ribbon for every cause that crossed our path. We were good Pharisees.
  • False Eschatology: The world is going to come to an end because we are polluting Mother Earth. Unless we stop using aerosol sprays, we will all burn up. We’re going to exhaust all our resources because we selfishly want cars and heat during the winter. Overpopulation will doom us as a race; we must limit the number of children or we all will die as we run out of food and space. Evil corporations are raping the planet; they must be shut down. Unless government comes to our rescue, all is lost. Sovereign nations must be replaced by a government that will unite all peoples and create an earthly paradise. We are the world.

There are undoubtedly more, but those stand out to me. I see these false ideologies as the cornerstones of the modern “progressive” state and culture. My task, and the task of all Christians, is to speak out against these while simultaneously promoting the truths that counter each one. This is what the Lord has placed on my heart. This is why I write.