The Budget, the Debt, & the Media

The budget and economic issues are once again going to come to the forefront shortly, if they haven’t already. Republicans and Democrats couldn’t be further apart in their view of the status of things and what needs to be done. While Republicans are warning against raising the debt ceiling without significant cuts in spending, Democrats have a different take on the situation:

President Obama himself has yet to get serious about the coming economic Armageddon. When he does mention it, he always blames it on the Republicans. Pardon me, but who controlled both houses of Congress from 2007 until this year? And who has added more than $5 trillion to the debt in just two years? Is this really something to be proud of?

Of course, conservatives/Tea Partiers have to be serious as well. They pushed for changes in spending; now they have to be willing to walk their talk, particularly on issues that affect them directly:

You can be sure if they become hypocritical on this, the media will hold them to account. One only wishes they would do the same on the other side:

As I’ve said before, I’m grateful we no longer have to rely on three networks to know what’s happening. Apparently you are, too, since you’re reading this blog.