Double Standards & Discernment

In the wake of the successful takeout of bin Laden, there are some who say we shouldn’t criticize the president anymore. I say we give him credit where it is due, but we keep in mind his overall performance and not let one correct decision cloud our memories or lead us to think that in foreign policy and the war on terror, he is on target. In fact, I believe the following illustration is a perfect representation of where he stands with respect to his foreign policy:

Frankly, I’d like to know where all this concern for fairness toward presidents suddenly came from. I don’t remember hearing much about it from the media prior to this presidency:

I think I’m more perturbed about double standards and hypocrisy above all else. There’s nothing wrong with pointing it out when it’s so blatant. We should be grateful that there are many media outlets now from which to choose instead of being tied to a few networks and newspapers that shaped the news as they saw fit. While many other aspects of our culture may be in decline, I’m thankful we have greater freedom of information than at any time in recent history. May we be discerning as we sift through the worldviews and their interpretations, and may we be able to see truth more clearly than ever.