Old, Tired Rhetoric

It gets old. What am I talking about? The old, tired rhetoric from the Left that tries to convince Americans that conservatives and/or rich people are to blame for everything. First, a little perspective correction: not all conservatives are rich. Many of those rich people are liberals. Ask any Kennedy or Rockefeller serving in politics whether they have ever had to work in a factory. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are liberals as well. Let’s do away with the easy connection between conservatism and wealth. You find wealthy people on both sides of the political spectrum.

What the president seeks to do now, though, is to link all things conservative with evil, greedy, wealthy individuals, and to make it appear that those evil people are ruining it for everyone else. He’ll say things that sound similar to this:

His approach is rather simple to explain:

And when he does talk about the debt problem, and he calls on all to sacrifice, he leaves out one significant part of our society:

You must sacrifice the future of your children, but the government must never be asked to cut back on its expenses.

Like I said, it’s getting a little old. Is it possible we won’t fall for it this time?