Month: March 2011

The Supreme Court Got It Right on Westboro

Yesterday’s post was on Libya because I had inquiries about my thoughts on that subject. Today’s post also stems from an inquiry, this time about a recent Supreme Court decision on freedom of speech involving the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. It seems that most of its members are part of one extended family, and that there are fewer than 100 people in the congregation. I’m not really keen on calling this group a church because I don’t believe… Read more »

Libyan Thoughts

I’ve had a few inquiries regarding my thoughts on the events transpiring in Libya. I’ve been more concerned, frankly, with events in Wisconsin, among other travesties. But Libya is an important story as dominoes continue to fall in Africa and the Middle East, and as other countries face the threat of similar revolutions. First of all, I don’t have the same rosy view that some commentators do, as they rejoice in the ascendancy of what they call democracy. As I… Read more »

Christian Morality: A Harmful Infection?

Let me introduce you to Owen and Eunice Johns. They live in the UK and have taken care of 15 foster children since 1992. Social workers have praised them as “kind and hospitable people” who “respond sensitively” to the children who have made a home with them. When they applied again to have another foster child, they ran into a snag. You see, the Johns are devoted Christians who happen to believe that homosexuality is “against God’s law and morals.”… Read more »