Is This Our Future?

As the Obama administration pushes for this country to become more like a socialist European country, it might be fitting to look at what happens in those countries. The example used most often is economics, but I’d like to focus on something else this time.

Let’s take Sweden, for instance. I’ve been to Sweden, and I enjoyed my visit [eleven years ago]. I loved the historical sites in particular. I certainly have nothing against the Swedish people. In fact, there are some I’m very concerned for right now—those who are trying to homeschool their children.

A draconian new law was passed just over a month ago that practically wipes out all homeschooling in this country. The impetus behind the law is a combination of an anti-religious philosophy and socialism [the two naturally go together because the state replaces God in this system].

Let me share the details from a story in the Washington Times:

The Swedish Liberal Party pushed a new 1,500-page schooling law through last month one paragraph of which will make home schooling as an expression of religion or philosophy effectively impossible for Swedish families, other than in “exceptional circumstances” such as health issues or distance from a public school. The law also severely restricts religious practice in Sweden’s “confessional” schools.

Sweden’s officials defend the home-school ban, which takes effect next July, saying home schooling is unnecessary since the state provides a “comprehensive and objective” education.

Notice the animosity toward religious teaching. Then notice how the state will provide what it calls an “objective” education. What is really meant here is an education divorced from any concept of divine truth. The confessional schools mentioned above are those connected to a church; they are now required to use the same curriculum as the state schools. What that signifies, in effect, is that they are to be no different than the state schools. Christian education? Not allowed.

Here’s a statistic that reveals how Sweden got to this place: only 1% of the population attends church.

The overwhelmingly secular nature of Sweden has given rise to a socialist faith—man must believe in something. When a vacuum occurs, a new god takes the place of the one true God. That new god is the state.

The Times article continues,

Jonas Himmelstrand, president of the Swedish home-schooling organization Rohus, said his family is currently fighting in court for the right to home-school their own children. He said that Sweden’s government is not based on a constitution and inalienable rights, but has always been quite socialist.

The Swedish government, he said, fears anything they perceive as “different,” and they particularly fear parents teaching their kids something different than public schools.

“There’s not even a tradition of traditional human rights. There is a tradition of the state having rights,” said Mr. Himmelstrand.

The United States, by contrast, has a Constitution based on inalienable rights given by God. There is a blatant attempt to change that and turn this nation into a copy of Sweden and other European countries.

We need to be aware of this attempt. What is that cliche? “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

Fortunately, the past year and a half has led to a reawakening of sorts. A growing number of Americans are thinking once again about the founding principles and the limits on government. The future is not yet fixed. We don’t have to follow the European socialist model. But it’s going to take some extra vigilance.