What Is College Teaching Your Child?

Ever since the revolutionary movements of the 1960s, college education has been altered for the worse. It already had been affected by progressivism, but the radicalism of that era injected steroids into the progressivism that already existed.

William Ayers Demonstrates His Love for America

Now, forty years later, the radicals who protested being taught Western Civilization and the free market are the professors, by and large. Homegrown terrorists like William Ayers are now inculcating their Marxist philosophy into the students’ immature minds. They still hate the nation that allows them to freely spout their propaganda.

Parents turn their children over to the professional educators and then wonder why they don’t recognize their children anymore. They’re puzzled by the changes in attitude and belief. How any parent can remain surprised after so many years of indoctrination is a mystery to me. What are we graduating these days?

And how has college added to their cultural development?

Some degrees are so valuable, students want to stay in college forever.

We’ve brought all this on ourselves. We have no one else to blame.