Cleaning, Yes . . . Clearance, No

My thoughts today are inspired by the following political cartoon and the philosophy behind it.

On the one hand, I empathize with the message: Congressmen display an attitude of superiority toward their constituents far too often. Although no congressman would dare be caught referring to his “bosses” as “rabble,” the feeling fills the air.

It would be easy to fall in line with this thinking and just call for a wholesale sweep of every sitting congressman/senator. Easy . . . but not smart or discerning.

I don’t want to judge any individual by his occupation. Just because someone is in Congress, I don’t necessarily want him/her thrown out. What I want is for those who are actively promoting policies inconsistent with Biblical principles to be thrown out. There are a good number of congressmen who don’t fall into that category.

Let’s think instead of react. Reacting is natural; thinking, apparently, is not. Do I really want someone who is acting out of a heart of humble service to be put in the same category as another who is selfishly seeking his personal advancement? Do I want someone who will defend the sanctity of life, for instance, to join the ranks of ex-public servants just because I’m angry with the overall actions of Congress?

We need to avoid jumping on bandwagons. God gave us brains to use now and then. Let’s use them now on this issue.