The Obama One-Year Evaluation

What has President Obama accomplished in his first year? A lot of people are conducting analyses at this point. Many are coming to the same conclusion: not much. Conservatives are grateful for this result; liberals/progressives are angry—they expected more. Moderate Democrats [an almost-extinct species] are having second thoughts:

His primary goal—universal healthcare—is in shambles. Deservedly so. Another key piece of legislation he sought—cap-and-trade—suffered from one major problem: people aren’t so convinced anymore that global warming is a real threat. It also is dead.

He was able to replace a Supreme Court member, but that was just swapping one adherent of the “living Constitution” with another, so nothing really changed.

On all these counts, conservatives have much for which to be thankful.

There are other issues, however. There’s that wonderful stimulus bill that stimulated nothing but the federal government. The threat of a new stimulus looms. There’s the takeover of General Motors and controls on other aspects of the economy. Overall, the debt has exploded. Who will pay for that?

He is still surrounded with ideological soulmates. I’ve mentioned some of them before: a science advisor who, in writing, advocated forced abortions; a “Safe Schools Czar” who is a radical homosexual attempting to disseminate his philosophy throughout the educational system; an attorney general who takes the lead in allowing avowed terrorists to have criminal trials with all the rights and privileges of American citizens. All of these, and more, are deeply troubling.

Then there are all those promises he made, and promptly forgot.

I’ve expressed the concern on more than one occasion that we now have Chicago-style politics and Chicago-style corruption at the federal level.

After the slap in the face in Massachusetts, Obama stated, in an interview, that the reason Scott Brown won was the same reason he [Obama] won—anger over the state of things over the last eight years. Wait a minute. Is he saying the Republican won—on a platform that rejected Obamacare and the stimulus bill, that decried the trials of terrorists in criminal courts, that called for tax and spending cuts—is Obama really saying that voters put Brown in office because they were still upset with Bush?

The man has lost all credibility.