Beware the Radical Presbyterians

There’s your first warning for today. As you probably have suspected, I and others like me take our orders from the alternative media. Whatever they say we should say, we dutifully follow suit. We never think for ourselves; we want others to think for us. Unlike those who listen to the mainstream media . . .

Yes, there are those of us who haven’t yet seen the light. We continue to describe terrorists as terrorists. Further, we constantly identify those terrorists with radical Muslims. This must stop. In the name of diversity, this must change.

Now, don’t you feel better that we’ve spread the blame around? This way no one will be “profiled.”

And be sure to steer clear of those radical Presbyterians. Be diligent. They look like normal people, so you may find it hard to spot them. But if you hear someone talking about how important it is to have Biblical principles as the foundation for our society, that will be your first clue. They have compatriots as well, known as radical Baptists and radical Pentecostals. Perhaps they will use that catch-all phrase “evangelicals.” Be alert. They are everywhere.