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How About a Display of Gratitude Instead?

What does this flag mean? Why do we salute it? Is it appropriate to do so or should we hold it in contempt because not everything that has happened under this banner has been perfect? A Christian knows that citizenship in any nation is a temporary condition. We are, as the Scripture famously affirms, strangers and pilgrims on this earth. Yet we are also told to pray for whatever nation we live in and do all we can to help… Read more »

The Four Pinocchios Award

Political cartoons usually provide the best humor on current events, but sometimes a regular cartoon can do so without intending to. Let’s see if this Garfield cartoon makes you think of someone in particular: Maybe I’m too politically attuned, but I caught a glimmer of our current leader, perhaps striking a pose similar to another disgraced president: Yes, he has similarities to Mr. Nixon, except he’s taken the art of lying to a new level. Even the liberal organization Politifact,… Read more »

Teenage Indiscretions As a Campaign Tactic?

We’re beginning to see the outlines of how this campaign is going to play out. Helped by his friends in the media, Obama is trying to make Romney look like a bully. It’s almost funny, though. The Washington Post gave front-page status to a story emanating from the time Romney was in high school. Supposedly, he and others forcibly cut the hair of a fellow student who may have had homosexual tendencies. Please forgive my skepticism, as this “story” appeared… Read more »


I thought summer was supposed to be a slow news season, but there’s been so much happening, I’m having a hard time keeping up with it all. Take, for example, the revelation that a discussion board for journalists was basically a device to coordinate attacks on conservatives. It was called Journolist. It’s now been taken down from the web due to these revelations. A prime example of the activity on this site occurred when McCain chose Palin as his running… Read more »