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C.S. Lewis: The Question of Truth

Lewis took on the role of an apologist for the Christian faith. In an essay entitled “Christian Apologetics,” he honed in on one of the big problems Christians have when trying to explain the truth of Christianity. It’s not a problem with the message itself, but with the hearers of the message: One of the great difficulties is to keep before the audience’s mind the question of Truth. They always think you are recommending Christianity not because it is true… Read more »

Challenging the Culture

Government is not our savior. Government policies, while significant, are not the primary drivers of a civilization. The old maxim that in a representative system the government is a reflection of the people who elected it remains true. Our government can only do what the people allow it to do. Right now, we are allowing it to control more of our lives than ever. What does this say about us as a people? I write often about the necessity of… Read more »

Judging Truthfulness

I made a point in yesterday’s post that’s worth reemphasizing—truth should be the basis for judging who wins a debate. Not who is loudest, or who can interrupt most often, or who can best drip with derision, or who can hold an icy stare longer. Truth is what we should be seeking, and on one side Monday night, it was sorely lacking: Remember when the new kid on the block burst upon the scene just a little over four years… Read more »

Truth as Victim

Campaigns have always been quite adept at creating false images of opponents. As a student of American history, I know this is not a new phenomenon. Our history is replete with the skewering of political foes, usually with a fair amount of lies thrown in. But never in our history have we had such access to information to cull out that which is false. You would think that would make politicians more cautious, but in the case of President Obama… Read more »

On Unity & Polarization

I hear the word all the time: polarization. It’s always used disparagingly. I understand why. There’s a great desire for unity, as in “can’t we all just get along?” No less than anyone else, I would rejoice if unity prevailed, both culturally and politically. Yet one must always ask what the basis for that unity might be. A false, forced unity would be no unity at all. It must be voluntary, and it must be grounded in reality. Is unity… Read more »

Education & Timeless Truth

The end of the semester nears; my classes are winding down this week. Teaching university students can be a joy one minute and a frustration the next. To any of my students reading this, let me emphasize that I like you and that I believe I am carrying out God’s will to be there. Some days are quite fulfilling, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. But there are obstacles to overcome, in general, with the present generation. All that… Read more »

A Truth that Sustains

We are surrounded by information. In fact, I marvel sometimes at how much has changed during my life. I remember, as a boy, that we had a party line for our telephone service. Can you even imagine anymore picking up the phone, hearing someone else talking, and have to hang up and wait until they’re done to make your own call? Now it’s virtually impossible to find anyone whose cell phone isn’t their constant companion. I do appreciate having the… Read more »