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Quran Burning and a Sense of Proportion

Just as I sat down to write about the Quran-burning controversy, the story changed. Then it changed again. Terry Jones, the pastor of this tiny church in Gainesville, Florida, first called off the Quran burning. This undoubtedly was a great disappointment to the media that hyped the non-story into a story.  Jones says he did so because the imam who was pushing for the Ground Zero Mosque had agreed to move the mosque to a different location. Apparently, this was news… Read more »

Imam Rauf and Religious Liberty

As the Ground Zero Mosque controversy remains an emotional issue, new information has surfaced about the Imam who is the primary promoter of its presence close to the WTC site. All is not as advertised. Feisal Abdul Rauf has been described as a Muslim moderate, yet he basically blames American foreign policy for 9/11 and refuses to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization. If this is the face of moderate Islam, there is little hope for peaceful resolution of differences. Good journalistic… Read more »

Mosque Matters

Did you hear that the Associated Press has made a point of not referring to the proposed mosque near the WTC site as the “Ground Zero Mosque”? Rather, it is simply to be called the New York City Mosque. Kind of takes the bite out of it, doesn’t it? I think that’s the goal. By disconnecting it from the act of war that occurred on 9/11, the intent may be to make it a rather innocuous building. It is anything but innocuous. President Obama… Read more »